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They had use for new head dshots, loved the idea of fun photographs of the MySQL clan, and loved the idea of getting a gigantic poster. All of the pictures shown were taken in one day.

Fun Photos of the Team Members

Some of the MySQL gang are super fun. This shows in the photos.

Great Headshots

We took lots of headshots of the MySQL folks. Headshots are always useful. See the headshot photos.

A poster

We made a poster of the images. With the printer we typically order from, posters can be up to 42" tall or wide. They had a giant poster of the photos on the wall of their Santa Clara office for many years (long before Sun bought MySQL AB for a billion dollars, and before Oracle bought Sun).

Lorna Li

Lorna wanted to mix business with pleasure. She needed a new professional headshot. She also just wanted some fun photos of herself.

Photos for business purposes

Lorna needed a new headshot and also wanted photos for her green marketing PR business. Below she is posing with her own business website. We also took photos with her holding her company's logo and holding the earth.

A book

Lorna wanted a bookof the photos. This was more to show her friends the fun photos than for business purposes.


Photos for fun

We also took quite a few images that were just for fun. Here is an image of Lorna simply being beautiful. :-)

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